DDNS.org - AVM Fritzbox configuration

This dynDNS configuration applies to:
Brand Generic Modem
Configuration to use Custom dynDNS Provider

DDNS.ORG Fritzbox configuration

{alert} To configure a generic modem you should be sure that the modem supports the CUSTOM DYNDNS PROVIDER or permits to enter an UPDATE URL to send IP updates.

  • Step 1

    Access the modem web administration interface and navigate to the DDNS or dynDNS configuration page. Usually the interface is present at address

  • Step 2

    Compile the form with the following data:

Field Value
Dynamic DNS provider Select the custom dyndns provider where you can insert the update url field
Update URL * see notes on UPDATE URL
Domain name
or Hostname
enter your full hostname, for example, myexamplehostname.fixip.org
or Account name
enter your DDNS.org update username, which could be found in your control panel
or Secret key
enter your DDNS.org update password, which could be found in your control panel

Notes on UPDATE URL:

The routers use different implementations and then expect different format of the update URL, so we list here some alternatives to use.

  • The generic Update URL is:

  • Some router insert automatically the protocol, so the string to use is without http:// or https://

  • Some routers (like the OPNsense) need the hostname inserted directly in the update URL, in this case, use this string:


    Be sure to substitute YOURHOSTNAME with the hostname you created on ddns.org

  • You can also insert Username and Password, also, like this:


    Be sure to substitute YOURHOSTNAME, YOURPASSWORD, YOURUSERNAME with your current values

Remember that you can get current values for your hostname in configutation page of the ddns.org control panel.


If have doubts or problems configuring your modem/router with DDNS.org you can check the Troubleshooting page or contact the support from your account using the Support Request form.