DDNS.org - AVM Fritzbox configuration

This dynDNS configuration applies to:
Brand FritzBox
Model All Models
Official Website https://en.avm.de/
Configuration to use Custom dynDNS Provider

DDNS.ORG Fritzbox configuration

{primary} To configure a Fritzbox with DDNS.org service you should use the 'USER DEFINED' (Benutzerdefiniert) option in Dynamic DNS Provider (Dynamic DNS-Anbieter) field and use our UPDATE-URL.

  • Step 1

    Access the modem administration interface, usually on or on http://fritz.box

  • Step 2

    Navigate to the DynDNS configuration Page

  • Step 3

    Compile the form with the following data:

Field Value
Use Dynamic DNS
(Dynamic DNS benutzen)
check the box to enable dyndns function
Dynamic DNS provider
(Dynamic DNS Anbieter)
User Defined(Benutzerdefiniert)
Update URL http://update.ddns.org/nic/update?username=<username>&hostname=<domain>&password=<pass>&myip=<ipaddr>
Domain name enter your hostname, for example, myexamplehostname.fixip.org
enter your DDNS.org update username, which could be found in your control panel
enter your DDNS.org update password, which could be found in your control panel

Notes on UPDATE URL:

  • Use the exact URL, don't change the placeholders
  • Enter all the Update URL on one line
  • You can copy the exact Update URL here:

All the placeholders are substituted automatically by the Frtizbox.

If the FritzBox is behind another router, DDNS.org can determine the public IP of the connection, if you use this alternative update URL:



If have doubts or problems configuring AVM Fritz!box with DDNS.org you can check the Troubleshooting page or contact the support from your account using the Support Request form.