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Secure by design

We give you a DV SSL Certificate for your hostname, ready to be deployed on your device. No need to to take cumbersome authentication procedures, just download and installa in your device.

No hidden fees

A simple subscription with a simple monthly or yearly price. And if you need more connections you can add them whenever you want.

Everything is included

Our subscription includes all the options to configure a remote access to a single modem with dynamic IP.


You can activate, modify and cancel your subscription at your convenience. Switch period from monthly to yearly at your will.

dynDNS Use Cases

Build your cloud at home

Install a cloud software on your PC at home like OwnCloud or Seafile or Sparkleshare, configure a DDNS.ORG host on your Fibre or ADSL Modem and you are ready to access your own files and documents from remote.

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connected world

View your cam from around the world

With a DDNS.ORG host you can find to your Dynamic IP as if it were a Static IP. So you can configure your modem to access remotley devices in your home (CAM, DVR, home automation...)

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Enable Remote Working

Activate Remote Desktop on your PC, configure a DDNS.ORG on your fibre or ADSL Modem and you are ready to use remotly your PC as if you were in the office.

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Simple no-tricks pricing

Get a free trial and you will have full access to test our service for 10 days.
If satisfied, start a paid subscription. You will get your DV SSL Certificate.

Buy only what you need.

No need to buy dozens of hostnames when you only need one! Save by right-sizing your account. You'll get everything you need to setup remote access for a modem with dynamic public IP.

What's included

  • 1 Dynamic Hostname for one fixed connection

  • 3 Alias for your hostname

  • 1 SSL Certificate for your hostname

  • Dedicated Email Technical service and remote diagnostic

Monthly Subscription

€1.45 + Tax

Credit card not required for trial